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Support Equipment
CRG provides top quality deaerators, feed water systems and blowdown separators.

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CRG Boiler Systems will help you design your next project and work with you throughout the entire process.
Dragon Fire Hot Air Unit
Dragon Fire heater - For a reliable primary heating source for continuous duty...

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CRG Boiler Systems

CRG Firetube, Hurst–Solid Fuel, Patterson Kelley Hydronic

CRG Boiler Systems offers a full line of boilers from 2 & 3 pass dryback boilers to 3 & 4 pass wetback boilers for all industrial applications

CRG Boiler Systems offers an all star lineup of boiler systems for all types of industries. The CRG firetube models consist of 2 & 3 pass dryback boilers, 3 & 4 pass wetback boilers and steam or hot water vertical solid fuel fired boilers. CRG also represents Hurst and the

Hybrid HD boilers. Looking for a hydronic boiler? CRG offers the complete line of Patterson-Kelley products, including condensing or non-condensing boilers and water heaters.

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CRG Winterization

Global asset protection in the coldest of regions

Portable canvas enclosed structures and drilling rig winterization

For 30 years, C.R.G. Electric, Inc. / CRG Boiler Systems has been providing a superior product for the rigorous oilfield environment for both domestic and overseas operations. CRG provides a full spectrum of winterization products such as a fully packaged steam system including the boiler with enclosure, steam and utility suitcases and/or steam piping and fully plumbed steam heaters. Custom hot air packages is another option including the heater, ducting and hose transitions. In addition to the packaged heating

systems, we also provide equipment enclosures, custom framework and canvas windwalls. So if you need all or part of a winterization package, CRG Boiler Systems team of specialists will be happy to assist you on your next project.

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